Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ernie Derr mid 1960's

I got these two photos off of a Wisconsin Racing Photo website.
Here is Ernie Derr in 1964 in a Plymouth.  
I remember him bringing this car to the Louisa County Fairgrounds in Columbus Junction, Iowa for an IMCA Late Model Race and when 
he drove the car out of the infield/pitts, he stomped on the 
accelerator on the big HEMI and the whole grandstand SHOOK!!!!  
That is something you never forget.  I don't think that the IMCA 
ran too many races on pavement.  Most of their races at the time were
on dirt county and state fair ground tracks. 

Here is Ernie in a Dodge I believe in 1965.
Ernie is #3 and Bob Julusa is #1.  I wish there was 
a tour of stock cars that ran on dirt that the cars acutally looked like
the cars you drive on the road, like they did back in 
those days!


  1. I'm with you Mike, those cars had style and charisma! Thanks for sharing...Kyle

  2. Thanks Kyle. I enjoy so much your Midwest racing website!