Monday, January 6, 2014

Commitment to your church...WHAT IF:
1. What if everyone else attended Sunday School and Congregational worship as often as you?
2. What if everyone volunteered to help get a job done at your church as often as you do?
3. What if everyone else gave as much in the morning offering plate as you do?
4. What if everyone else talked about your church and Lord as much as you do?
5. What if everyone prayed as much as you do for your church?
6. What if everyone else came to Bible Studies as often as you do?
7. What if everyone else came to other church events than Sunday mornings as you do?
8. What if everyone else used their spiritual gift like you do?

Would your church building be open next year?
Would anything thing get done in the church?
Would the church be able to pay the bills?
Would your Lord feel like He has a ministry in Walford?

Just a reminder, Friends we need YOU and Your gifts to make our church a real ministry that is alive and growing...

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